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Proposal and Specification Services

I can create proposals that convey the excitement and fun of the system as you and your client originally envisioned it. To me a proposal is much more that a list of parts and pricing but a sales tool that shows your client what life will be like with their awesome new system. This proposal will include drawings that show clients not only what they're getting and where it's going but how it will work. We can create templates and processes for you to create your own or provide you with complete proposal services.

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Design, Engineering, and Documentation Services

My design, engineering, and documentation services offer you a complete turn-key solution and a new level of support for custom integrators. Why waste ten of thousands on software and even more to maintain it? Our design engineering is a turn-key service. Beginning with a simple scope of work and budget, I will build your complete system with detailed drawings parts lists and projected labor hours and like all my services you'll know what it will cost before we start.

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System Programming Services

I'm committed to excellence with every programming job I take on. Whether you lack a full time programmer on staff or you need someone with the expertise to take on a large project, I have the knowledge and skills to take on and complete projects of all sizes. With more than 12 years of experience programming control systems you can be confident that your job will come in on time, on budget, and be easy for your client to use. My competitive pricing and great customer service set me apart from other programmers.

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